Testosterone Hormone Therapy

Are you over the age of 30? If yes, then you likely have low levels of free testosterone (low T).

Enjoy a higher level of well being! We will restore your testosterone levels to a healthier range.

WCT Medical is a clinic that has specialized in male & female wellness for over 40 years. We have recently entered the field of hormone therapy and are now treating testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in men.

We are medically staffed and supervised and our primary objective is to analyze patient testosterone levels and subsequent treatment. Tests will be given as well as analysis by the doctor of test results and family history. Patients may start immediately after their initial consultation.

We do injections and cream only.  Besides raising your testosterone levels, included in the price is an injection of HCG.  The HCG will keep your testicles from shrinking and to help your body produce your own testosterone.  Anastrozole (anti-estrogen tablets) are administered  as well to keep your estrogen levels low when your testosterone levels remain high. (All of these drugs are included in our price.) Please research "testosterone and HCG."

Call us a to answer any of your questions. Should you have other issues such as erectile dysfunction, a separate consultation with the urologist will be scheduled for specific treatment.

We offer prompt appointments, free consultations, and little waiting.

TESTOSTERONE is a male sexual hormone regulated by the hypothalamus and ultimately secreted from the testes (in males) and ovaries in females. Males produce approximately 15-20 times testosterone levels of females and it is the principle male hormone that dictates male characteristic traits. Normal testosterone levels are broad ranging from 300-1200 ng/dl. When testosterone levels fall beneath 300, we boost this level with:

Once someone makes the decision to increase a low level of testosterone, the application will probably be lifelong with rates going to below normal when treatment ceases.

Our services include:

Blood Panel

On your first visit and every three months thereafter we will draw blood so that we can monitor your hormone levels among other things.

Common blood test might include:

Please contact us today to set up a plan for your testosterone shots.