What are the symptoms of Low T?

1. Mood & energy levels lowered or failing
2. Lack of sexual desire
3. Irritable and depressed
4. Some erectile dysfunction
5. Increased waistline and body fat (BMI)
6. Body hair thinning
7. Osteoporosis

Not all of the above are attributes strictly to low testosterone levels. Some may be normal aging or conditions caused by diabetes, alcoholism or other negative life styles. Our medical professionals will determine through testing and history evaluation.

Why don't men with Low T go to a regular doctor?

• Many doctors, including urologists do not specialize in testosterone replacement therapy. Also, repeat visits can be more costly and time consuming with patients required to make an appointment.

What are the benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?

• Bone Strength
• Sex drive
• Mood elevation
• Higher energy levels
• Increase in body muscle mass
• Decrease in body fat content.

What are the risks of TRT?

• Increase in red blood cell count
• TRT may enlarge the prostate (known as benign prostate hyperplasia in men over 50)
• Slight Hair loss
• Acne

How long does an office visit take and how much does it cost?

• Initial start up visit takes approximately 45 minutes and includes blood work, a physical, filling out paperwork and a full consultation with a clinician or doctor. Your TRT fee is $225/month. The blood work is an additional $65. Weekly visits for a single shot take 10 minutes and no appointments are required. Additionally, there is a $60 fee to see the Urologist. We accept all major Insurance policies

Can I ever quit TRT? If so, what happens?

• Yes you may, however, your testosterone hormone level will return to your original level or possibly even lower.

How do I make an appointment?

• Call 210-651-1744 and we will be happy to set an appointment - walk-ins are also welcome!

Please contact us , today to schedule your startup and blood test.